Meet our Newest Product – Daily Cordyceps

Meet our Newest Product – Daily Cordyceps

We are excited to announce our most important non-CBD product yet … Cordycepin! The first cycling-focused Daily Cordyceps supplement on the market is available now in our shop.

But why take Cordyceps? To help answer this question, we have included some of the language from our press release below. Suffice it to say, if you like riding fast, you are going to like our daily cordyceps supplement. 

Our cordyceps supplement comes in vegan cellulose capsules that contain 200 mg of cordycepin, the cordyceps mushroom’s active ingredient. This is different from other companies that market 200 mg of a mushroom extract, which may contain much less of the beneficial ingredient. Twisted Spoke Cordyceps capsules will be available in a 30-count package (MSRP $39.99). Twisted Spoke products are sourced locally in Colorado, and their purity and potency are verified by independent third-party testing.

“We’ve built our brand on affordable, high-quality CBD products, but branching out into other plant-based performance supplements just made sense,” said Wen Dolphin, a co-founder of Twisted Spoke CBD. “Cordyceps has the potential to make a big difference for endurance athletes. It’s a game changer.”

Cordyceps has been used for generations in Asia for vitality, male sexual performance, and general well-being. Users report increased energy, stamina, and endurance. The athletic performance potential of cordyceps came to light in 1993 after Chinese runners taking cordyceps broke the world records for 1500, 3000 and 10,000 meters.

Cordyceps is thought to improve athletic performance by improving the body’s ability to use oxygen and glucose, build strength, and reduce inflammation. Well-designed research studies with cyclists and runners show cordyceps improve endurance performance and power. In one study with trained athletes, just 3 weeks of supplementation significantly increased VO2 max and anaerobic threshold. VO2 max is a key indicator of endurance performance.

In addition to oxygen uptake, Cordyceps may enhance testosterone, a key hormone for muscle strength. Animal studies have consistently found that cordycepin, the active ingredient in Twisted Spoke’s cordyceps supplement, stimulates testosterone production and inhibits its metabolic breakdown, increasing the level of testosterone in blood plasma. 

“As a competitive cyclist, I’m always looking for ways to help athletes be better with plant-based products, so I’m super excited about our new cordyceps supplement,” said Dolphin. “My dad and I will be using the Twisted Spoke cordyceps capsules as we train for the Leadville 100 this year.” Twisted Spoke uses the best available science to make the most effective products. Launching simultaneously with these cordyceps will be NANO CBD capsules available in Full Spectrum CBD, CBN and Isolate CBD. Compared to oil based formulas, these products mix with water and smaller particle sizes allow for faster absorption and a quicker onset of effects.

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