Frequently Asked Questions

Laws vary from country to country. Whenever traveling abroad we recommend to research your questions with the Travel Advisory institutions for your home country, destination country, and any country in which you may have a connection along the way. If you cannot find a clear answer reach out to us and we will do our best to find you the answer you are looking for.

CBD is Federally legal to possess and consume. Flying* domestically is acceptable and safe. Many countries have legalized CBD. It is your responsibility to make sure it is legal to travel with CBD to your connecting locations and destinations. It is also important to look into specific regulations on CBG, CBN, THC, or any other cannabinoid that may be present in our varied products.

*Note that when flying we recommend placing all liquid products such as tinctures into a leak-proof container to avoid messes from loose caps and changes in pressure or temperature that may affect the product's seal.

No. All of our products are readily available throughout the United States for purchase over the counter.

Products with the contain no detectable amounts of THC. Our Full Spectrum CBD products contain trace amounts of THC compliant with Federal regulations and are legal to possess and consume in the United States. These products are not designed to get the user ‘high.’

In addition to testing our label strengths, all of our products go through a series of third party tests to ensure they are safe to consume and are free from heavy metals, pesticides, harmful microbes and chemicals

Yes! We are committed to transparency and stand by our products’ purity. We have all of the oil batches we use and our final products lab tested and verified. You can find the results from those tests on the Testing page.

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