Brandon Peeler's CBD Success Story

Brandon Peeler's CBD Success Story

As a combat veteran, the VA ran me through the gambit of SSRI medication and really powerful, not to mention detrimental, sleeping medication. After years of growing frustrated with the harmful effects of these medications, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I researched the best supplements for months on end to find help for my constant anxiety and lack of sleep due to multiple traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress injury. Though supplements and diet change helped, I was still missing a crucial component.

Then I found CBD oil.

I tried numerous companies. Some good some bad. Always toeing the line of quality vs. price. I met the owners of Twisted Spoke through our mutual love of cycling, exercise and healthy lifestyle.

The first day of trying their product I noticed an enormous difference in their tincture compared to others in the area. My wife and I are now daily users of their products and will continue to be for as long as possible.

If you're looking for a quality product, there are plenty out there to try and use with sufficient results. What keeps me coming back to Twisted Spoke is the positive attitudes, unparalleled knowledge of the industry and a passion for their product that I've yet to see anywhere else.

To say their products are life changing would be an oversimplification of the actual results I get!

-Brandon Peeler