Damien Robinson's Review of the CBD Chamois Cream

Damien Robinson's Review of the CBD Chamois Cream

Product Tested: CBD Chamois cream
1000 Mg CBD/ 500Mg CBG

Distance traveled: 500 miles

Over the last 10 weeks I have had the privilege to test the Twisted Spoke Apothecary CBD chamois cream before they went live with the product. I met the owner, Gabe, while out on the trails of Colorado Springs where I began to experience my normal saddle discomfort after about 15 miles. As luck would have it, Gabe was excited to have someone try his product, turned out I was a good candidate and after a couple weeks I got my cream in the mail. Since then, I’ve tested it on Colorado gravel and MTB in the dry heat, and bike packing around the VT and NH area in 90-degree days with 40% humidity for 2 days a time.

Let me start by saying that I experience quite a bit of pain in my groin area from some nerve damage. Generally speaking, this pain comes in a form of tight pinching and then, ultimately, in uncomfortable numbness. I have tried other chamois creams, though never in depth, and mostly I had gotten away from chamois’ in general since they made the pain worse or had no affect at all.

Well, with Twisted Spoke, that seemed to change. I now apply it on virtually every gravel ride, and any MTB ride that will see more than 15 miles or so. The pinching pain does not surface during normal riding on the MTB, and stays gone for around 4 hours on the longer gravel rides, even while breaking in a brand-new Brooks B17.

Twisted Spoke seems onto something here. They managed to make a non-oily, long lasting, and comfortable chamois cream that stays on for a long time and actually makes a difference in the nether regions. Going from riding and experiencing pain in the first hour that just got worse, to riding for multiple hours before any of the pain even begins to creep in, is utterly amazing. The numbness and the pinching are basically gone during saddle time, and that makes for a more enjoyable ride all around. My only complaint is that it doesn’t stay on longer, but thankfully if I had to reapply it was always on a bike-packing trip and never an issue to sneak away from the trail and do just that.

- Damien Robinson